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Welcome to our site about all things relating to the Potters House or Christian Fellowship Ministries (CFM) with an emphasis on Church History.

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To all CFM pastors; you too can use this site to give your church a free and useful online presence by pointing your domain name to a page on this site.

If you have a good ideas for how this site can be used please list your thoughts on the Discussion page.

There are 1,406 churches listed so far in 110 countries of 1,744 churches world wide with 61 ministering evangelists.

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The Christian Fellowship Ministries is made possible in a large part by the hard work of the multitude of ministers working in congregations all around the world.

See the [Ministers] page for a complete list.

Use the New pastor page as template to add a minter to the list of pastors and evangelists serving the fellowship.


CFM have many excellant evangelists with effective international ministries like Roman Gutierrez or Marty Carnegie.

For other evangelists please see the Evangelists page.


Regular regional Conferences are a feature of the CFM fellowship and are the main time for church planting and preaching ministry.

Some of the hundreds of Worship and praise songs used in the fellowship can be found here: Songs.

Graphics can be found here: CFM Logos.

Interested in what we believe? Please see this page: Our Beliefs.

101 reasons why Christian Fellowship Ministries is the best thing happening in contemporary Christianity is found here: 101 Distinctives of The Potters House.

If you are unsure about some aspect of the fellowship then see Myths Busted.

Other useful sites include WikiChurch.

General History of the Potters House Christian Fellowship

Wayman Mitchell

Founded in 1970 by Wayman Mitchell as a break-away from The Foursquare Church in turn founded by Aimee Semple McPherson.

Christian Fellowship Ministries is a fellowship of approximately 1,800 full-gospel churches around the world. The fellowship started in 1970 with a small core of Christian believers that began to see a great revival among the people of their day, especially hippies, drug addicts, and students. From those young men and women was raised up a new generation of pastors, preachers, and pillars who have literally touched almost every continent of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please see this page for extensive information about Wayman Mitchell, a great man with a large heart and an apostolic calling.

Names which CFM congregations use include: The Potters House, Victory Chapel, The Door, Living Waters and The Lighthouse.

Church History

Region Church Count
Africa 336
Asia 122
Canada 21
Central America 53
Europe 174
Oceania 114
Mexico 144
South America 66
USA 461
Total 1,406
...of all churches listed on this site only

The history of the Christian Fellowship Ministries (CFM) churches is long and interesting. The Bible teaches us that knowing our heritage is important. This user Wiki is an attempt at documenting that history.

Being a Wiki, information from a variety of sources is encouraged so if you have anything to add please click on the "edit this page" tab on any church page. If details someone else has entered seem wrong then use the discussion page to avoid difficulties.

Please add your church to the database. Please follow the conventions which have been used for the Prescott and Parramatta churches and maybe use the New Church template. Not all churches have a page yet...

Please see the Family Tree for detailed historical information.

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