Marty Carnegie

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Bio: Marty came to Tucson in 1978 when he was stationed at Davis Monthan AFB as a young airman straight out of high school. Having been raised in church all his life, he was attempting to escape the religious environment back in Maryland where he grew up. Within hours of arriving in Tucson he was invited to The Door Christian Fellowship. After one year of being witnessed to, Marty visited the church with Matt McDonald and Mark Rodgers and prayed to receive Christ. It took another year before he locked in, but by then God had started a work in his life. Marty met and married his wife Barbara at church in 1982, and soon after that he became involved in teaching Bible studies on the air base. Marty and Barbara were launched into full time ministry on the Island of Jamaica in 1987 along with their two daughters. In 1994 they left Jamaica to take over a church in London, where they pastored until returning to the Tucson congregation in the capacity of evangelist in 2004. Marty continues to travel across America and overseas to spread the gospel and encourage the churches he began during his 23 years of ministry.